Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable

Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable

Beta Textiles Co., Limited produces and uses in its garment production a full range of two layer or three layer laminated fabrics that are water proof and breathable.

Fabric No:HY111855

Description: Softshell fabric for outdoor clothing
Construction: three layer;
Weight: 130 g/m2.
Water Resistance: 3000mm H2O;
MVP: 3000 g/m2•24 hours

softshell fabric

The surface layer is normally a microfiber superfine (such as 20D or 30D) polyester or nylon knits. In the case of three layer lamination, the inside side is normally a light weight (20 g/m2, for instance) mesh.

Three membranes are used as middle or base layer:-

      • PTFE;
      • TPU (microporous thermoplastic polyurethane); or
      • PU (microporous polyurethane).


Hoodies produced by Beta Textiles Co., Limited with supersoft water proof and breathable fabric.