Graphene Fabrics

Graphene Fabrics

1.Far Infra-red Radiation

Graphene fabrics release far infrared rays with a wavelength identical to water molecules in human cells. When such rays radiates on human bodies, resonance occurs with water molecules in human cells. Human surface cells will be activated, and microcirculation of human subcutaneous tissue will be accelerated to generate heat, improve health and immunity.

Graphene fabrics have great effects on improving human microcirculation. Compared with normal fabrics, blood flow rate improves by 141.34%, number of hemocytes increases by 61.73%, velocity increases by 50.07%, termperature increases by 4.21%, i.e. 1.27 °C.


Graphene fabrics are intrinsically anti-bacterial without any treatment.

3.Misture Management

Graphene fabrics provide excellent moisture management performance. It absorbs moisture and perspiration rapidly to keep the wearer dry and comfort.


With high conductivity, the resistivity on graphene surface is extremely low.

Graphene fabrics are anti-static.


Graphene fabrics absorb UV to protect the wearer from UV radiations.

6.Green and ECO Material

BTEXCO uses a biomass graphene made with corn core cellulose as raw material. There is no chemical pollution in the whole process.

7.Heat Storage

Graphene fabrics absorb  heat from the sun and human body, store it in the fabric to keep the wearer warm.

Based on tests with Kaken, the fabric temperature is 16 °C higher than fabrics made with normal polyester when the fabric is exposed to the sun.


Graphene Fabrics
Item No Fabric ID Composition Weight Remarks
1 HY193474 76% Graphene Polyester,10%Polyester,14% Spandex 145
2 HY193487 56% Graphene Polyester, 44%Hollow Spandex 175 brushed
3 HY193498 86% Graphene Polyester,14%Polyester 180
4 HY193504 56% Graphene Polyester, 44%Hollow Spandex 175 unbrushed
5 HY193643 100% Graphene Polyester 160
6 HY193642 60% Hollow Polyester, 40%Graphene Poly 170
7 HY193670 100% Graphene Polyester 160
8 HY203759 55% Dope Dyed Poly,40% Graphene Poly,5% Spandex 200